Why We Are Loving Our New Nutrition Challenge!

Want to eat better but always have a hard time? Join our 28-day nutrition challenge program and let us help you stay on track.

Almost 20 percent of Americans are on a diet at any given time. But as anyone who has ever made a New Years Resolution to eat better knows, diets can be hard to stick to. Traditional diet plans can be confusing, isolating, and short on results. 

That's why here at NDB Fitness, we do things differently. Keep reading to learn what makes our nutrition challenge unique, why we love it, and why we're sure you'll love it, too!

#1: Personalization Is Power

One of the reasons that traditional diet plans fail so often is that individual metabolisms vary widely. Differences in gender, age, ancestry, medical history, and other factors influence how we respond to various foods and eating schedules. Following a diet plan that isn't aligned with your body and needs is a recipe for failure, no matter how great the program might be for someone else.

Here at NDB Fitness, we don't waste time on cookie-cutter plans. Our nutrition specialists work with members to:

  • Learn about their current habits, history, and needs
  • Set specific, meaningful, and achievable goals 
  • Create personalized nutrition plans that are right for your body

We love working a plan made just for us and tailored to our priorities!

#2: Lean Muscle Looks Good on Everyone

Often, gym-goers build muscle before they lose fat. They feel stronger, sleep better, and may see improvements in chronic health conditions. Even with all those benefits, it can still be tough to look in the mirror and not see the kind of visible results you want. 

That's where nutrition comes in. Participants in our nutrition challenges can lose up to 25 pounds or six percent of their body fat. When the fat melts away, all that muscle you've been working to build is suddenly visible in all its lean, toned glory. 

That's a feeling that's tough to beat!

#3: Better Nutrition Yields Better Performance 

Well-fueled bodies are high-performance bodies. If you've hit a plateau in your journey toward your fitness goals, it might be that gaps in your nutrition are holding you back. We know that frustration. 

Our 28-day nutrition challenge has helped many members break through those plateaus and reach new heights in their fitness journies. 

#4: Deadlines Create Urgency

Traditional diets are open-ended. Staring down a seemingly endless parade of boring meals and explanations to friends and family for why you can't indulge can be mind-numbingly depressing. Especially if you have no touchstones for when to expect results. 

That's why our challenges run for a tight 28 days. It's long enough to get results but short enough to keep things interesting. A hard deadline and clear goals create the urgency and energy you need to do the work and get the results you crave. 

#5: Everything's Better With a Little Friendly Competition

One of the benefits of joining a local gym is gaining a circle of friends and co-conspirators in your fight to get fit. While dieting alone can be a chore, tackling a nutrition challenge with friends is invigorating. It creates a built-in community of support and ensures you'll always have a cheerleader or a little friendly competition to egg you on when the temptation to quit threatens. 

When you can't stop thinking "maybe I should join a gym near me" or "I wonder if there are fitness classes near me", you know it's time to take the leap and find a fitness community where you can thrive.  

Join Us

If our nutrition challenge sounds like the fresh take on fitness and nutrition that you've been looking for, don't wait! Contact us today for more information on our locations, services, and how you can get started pursuing your fitness goals.