Malene Aguilar-Durbeck



Where did you grow up?

Vienna, Austria

What do you do when you are not at the gym

I retired from teaching and now work part-time for a Non-Profit UnCommon Threads in Lawerence.

What was your fitness regime before joining NDB Fitness?

I was trying to stick with an online routine during Covid but I am not very self-motivated when it comes to fitness so I found NDB which had just started in person sessions and I was a walk-in on March 18,2021!

What about the gym keeps you coming?

NDB has a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, and I like that it is not a big complex where you are just a number.

What is your favorite workout/movement?

As for favorite movement, Nope honestly no favorites, I'm happy that I show up.

What is your least favorite workout/movement?

Least favorite movement, waffles between Burpees and plank jacks.

What is one thing you have done at the gym that you never thought you would/could?

Never thought I'd be able to jump on the plyo box (small) that was my aha!

What is your next fitness related goal?

I definitely need to HYDRATE more!

What motivates you during a workout?

Music, music, music motivates me!

What is something about yourself that we might not know?

I was born in El Salvador and became a proud US Citizen in 2009.

What advice would you give to someone new to the gym?

Fitness takes time and commitment, it is amazing what 30 minutes of training can do if you just keep coming with a positive and willing attitude.